The REALTOR® Difference

Why choose a REALTOR®? It’s really a matter of choosing to use the best at their craft to help you buy and sell your home.

  • REALTORS® are held to a strict Code of Ethics and have been doing business according to that code for more than 100 years.
  • REALTORS® are committed to standing up for and protecting the rights of property owners. Whether it’s your first house or the White House, REALTORS® place your interest as a homeowner above all else.
  • REALTORS® work with the latest tools and most accurate data in the business.
  • REALTORS® higher levels of education and professional designation opportunities are what separates them from real estate licensees.

So do yourself a favor, when buying or selling a house, be sure to ask “Are you a REALTOR®?”

The National Association of REALTORS® new Advertising Campaign, “That’s Who We R®” educates consumers on the REALTOR® difference and becomes an inherent call to action to work with a REALTOR®, who abides by the Code of Ethics, practices advocacy, and is backed by the nation’s largest professional trade association.

The Campaign also functions as a rallying cry for all REALTORS®, instilling pride in their everyday actions and all the ways they go above and beyond to improve the lives of their clients, consumers, and their communities.  We have posted one of the video ads and the radio ads for you.  To see more click here.
Home Radio Spot

Whatever you Call It Spot

Apps vs REALTOR® Spot