1. MYTH: It will cost me more to join a REALTOR® Association.

FACT: By joining, you’ll actually save money through access to FREE Georgia real estate transaction forms ($234), FREE legal advice ($100+/hour), and a host of discounts on scores of personal and professional services.

2. MYTH: I have to take CE Courses anyway to renew my license, so I don’t need access to REALTOR® Educational Opportunities.

FACT: Our Association School offers CE at discounted prices to our Members, including License Law, as well as REALTOR® – Only Designation courses which focus on your chosen, client-specific real estate specialties.

3. MYTH: No one needs to be a REALTOR® to be a successful agent.

FACT: Frequent Association Events and Community Involvement builds relationships with other Cobb Agents that lead to smoother transactions, puts you in front of the public eye to grow your client base, and provides you with access to our Affiliated Professionals in related fields, such as Mortgage Lenders, Closing Attorneys, Inspectors, Home Warranty Companies and so many more.

4. MYTH: The REALTOR® Brand means nothing to me, or my current or potential clients.

FACT: The REALTOR® Brand is valued at $5 billion because it speaks volumes to the public about your REALTOR® Ethics, Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge and Political Support for Homeowners and Homeownership. Wear it on your lapel and use it in your marketing, to your advantage!

Need More Convincing?

  • You already pay for your transaction forms. Why not get them for free? That will save you more than 50% of your REALTOR® Annual Fees!
  • Getting advice from an Attorney on a tricky client situation can cost you $100 per hour. Get advice for free from Seth Weissman for FREE. Click here for details.
  • Get big discounts on personal and professional services, including insurance, travel, office supplies, banking, mobile technology and so much more. Save literally hundreds of dollars on things you purchase anyway. Click here for benefits from NAR!

Membership Meetings, Community-based events and participation on Association Committees and Leadership Teams all serve to build relationships that smooth sometimes difficult real estate transactions. And Cobb Association of REALTORS® Membership provides access to Affiliate Professional who will meet your and your clients’ needs:

  1. Click here to view upcoming Association Events
  2. Click here to view our list of Association Committees and Chairs
  3. Click here to view a list of our Affiliate Partners

  • You and your clients should be aware that:
    1. REALTORS® stopped the 2017 proposal to increase property taxes in Cobb.
    2. REALTORS® ensured that mortgage interest and property tax deductions remained in the new federal tax code.
    3. REALTORS® fought off legislation that would have assessed 6% sales tax on your real estate commissions.
    4. REALTORS® ALWAYS stand up to protect the rights of homeowners and our industry.

That’s why the REALTOR® Brand is worth $5 billion – because it tells your current and potential clients that you are in the profession for them, not just for commissions.

Contact us today for more information and to join!

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