Wait…so you’re telling me that our Cobb Association of REALTORS held it’s first in-person (and virtual) Membership Meeting of 2020 on October 21??



The meeting, held under strict social distancing protocols at the Marietta Hilton, was attended by 45 in-person attendees and over 50 attending virtually. Our Guest Speaker, Mr. David Haddow, the respected Atlanta-area real estate investment advisor to both individuals and institutions, offered his perspective on the Atlanta Metro and Cobb County economies, as well as eye-opening projections for the future of our residential and commercial real estate professions. 

For a summary of his presentation, click here.

Check out more pictures from the event on our Facebook page here.

Elections were held of our 2021 CAR Officers, Directors and GAR Directors, who were confirmed unanimously by our Members in attendance.  Here they are!

CAR Officers:

  • President                                               Deborah Nagel
  • President-Elect                             Elizabeth Manning
  • Immediate Past President                Jenea Kennedy
  • VP of Administration and Finance         VEda Wood
  • VP of Governmental Relations    Wendy Chambers
  • VP of Member Services                    Sierra Westrick
  • VP of Professional Dev.                Leah Stankiewicz

CAR Directors:            

  • Shelley Bell
  • Chris Johnson
  • Kim Jones
  • Ashley Marlow
  • Cassandra Oliver
  • Kristen Reed
  • Scott Roma

Georgia Association of REALTORS Directors:  

  • Deborah Nagel (as CAR President)
  • Esther Ayuk
  • Wendy Gravlin Chambers
  • Brenda Hardage
  • Chris Johnson
  • Denny Jones
  • Elizabeth Manning
  • Ashley Marlow
  • Oscar Melara, Jr.
  • Cassandra Oliver
  • Ceci Osburn
  • Leah Stankiewicz
  • Sierra Westrick
  • VEda Wood

GAR Alternate Directors:

• Kristen Crisp
• Kim Jones
• Margie Medlin

Finally, thank you to our three Meeting Sponsors:

Christina Pritz of the Pacific Law Group, Jennifer Clancy of Bay Equity Home Loans, and Ashley Sequens of Northwest Exterminating!