According to the policies and procedures of Cobb Association of REALTORS® Jeanne Linden Scholarship Fund program, the Scholarship Committee shall award applicants funds to assist in undergraduate educational development. The committee shall award such scholarships, according to its discretion, and within the limits of available funds. Persons having already applied and/or received scholarship in prior years may reapply.

CAR Scholarship Committee shall award applicants funds to assist in under graduate and undergraduate development.

All applicants must comply with the the Jeanne Linden Scholarship Policies & Procedures in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Applications must be submitted completely filled out and signed by the applicant, along with required attachments. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please download the form below, sign where indicated, as well as having it signed by your parent/guardian. Upload the completed form to your Scholarship Application.
Jeanne Linden Scholarship Certification

We are proud to have helped many young people with the Jeanne Linden Scholarship.  To see our past winners please click here.